Wendy DesChene | What came first the art or the patron?
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What came first the art or the patron?

I hope Marc Dominus will not be offended when I say he is something of an overnight sensation. I do not mean to denigrate him in any way when I say this. I mean it just as a fact. I do also recognize that his overnight sensationalism took a lot of work and a long time in coming. But there was an element of serendipity to it.

In Marc’s case, the man who took him stratospheric was V from the group BTV. It was through V that suddenly Dominus’ work was shown to thousands. It would be wishful thinking to say that V’s fans became Dominus’. Clearly, that’s not the case. Besides everything else his work would not appeal to everyone. But the key feature was the volume of people who saw the work.

The question for me is what would have happened had the patron been someone who polarized rather than attracted fans. Look at it this way for a moment. Had the patron been a criminal, a ne’er-do-well, a president who doesn’t care, what would the effect have been on Dominus’ work? Would he have therefore been tainted with the same brush?

Does there come a point in the creation of anything where if you hand it over to the zeitgeist have you lost it? Can you be blamed for the people who like what you do? Clearly, Dominus and his talent scored, but it could be an own goal so very easily.

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