Wendy DesChene | Traditions Can Be Preserved with Fashion as Abayas in UK
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Traditions Can Be Preserved with Fashion as Abayas in UK

Islam is one religion which always created extreme discrimination between its menfolk and womenfolk.  The discrimination is in many aspects of routine life. For example, Muslim women are not allowed to worship in mosques and they are supposed to wear a specific outfit, a veil, that covers their whole body. The orthodox Muslim community is very specific about women’s outfit which is present in different forms and known by different names in various Muslim nations based on their traditions. The world has changed and people are now living in the age of modernization. This is a time to change for every culture of the world, though traditions can be maintained with a change.

Standards of modesty for Muslim women

Islamic standards of modesty are important for Islamic religious leaders and they enforce these standards on Muslim community across the globe, especially on Muslim women. For instance, Saudi Arabian Muslim women are required to wear abaya, a type of veiling outfit. Wearing of hijab by Muslim women in public in Saudi Arabia, Iran and the Indonesian province of Aceh was made mandatory as a law. On the contrary, some countries in Europe and some others in Muslim world discourage wearing hijab and have banned wearing of all types of hijabs.

Preserving tradition with fashion

Muslim in different parts of the globe are having different experiences with wearing of their traditional outfit hijab. In some Muslim cultures, wearing of black abayais a compulsion. Some Muslim cultures are against hijab tradition, but are in favor of its strict enforcement. Most parts of Europe are against wearing of hijabs, but trend of abaya UK has transformed and it has created a new fashion trend. The abayas in UK have been created in a variety of new designs that are enchanting Muslim women as a trendy fashion outfit in assorted colors and designs that can be worn on any occasion but not as a traditional outfit.

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