Wendy DesChene | If there is one unattractive conceit – it is to bite the hand that feeds you
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If there is one unattractive conceit – it is to bite the hand that feeds you

Art as a business is cutthroat and tough. It has little to recommend it to the outsider. Many times the average person looks at an artwork and wonders in all bewilderment why it is considered art. Think of Banksy for a moment shredding the picture at the moment of sale – but it had sold for millions.  Someone had just paid a considerable amount of money to see their painting literally shredded before their eyes. How can this be art? Doesn’t it seem more like a huge F*** You!

Dean Dempsey is another such ingrate. This is a man who makes quite the living from people who pay for his creative endeavors. He gets to do pretty much what he chooses and lives a life many would aspire too.

He says if he could have been a doctor or an engineer, he would probably have done that instead. Neither of those disciplines would have given him the creative freedom he has, or the ability to express himself in the way he does.

This is an unattractive smugness. Only if you’re at the top of the game can you afford such narcissism. At any other level of the art world, your superiority would be nobbled by a critic or by obscurity. Equally, there are thousands of others who dream of a tenth of this type of success. This is the worst kind of looking gift horses in the mouth.

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