Wendy DesChene | Bartolomeo De Luca
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About me

A regular girl with a huge passion for art

Hello, Bartolomeo de Luca here. I’m a native of Padua in the Venito, close to Venice, Italy. My mother was born in Baltimore MD and met my father on an exchange year in Venice during the 1980s. They were both fine artists and before long, or so they said, he was admiring her brushwork. When they talk about it, their meeting sounds like something from a movie. Other than it was the girl who came from the outside.

They were married in Venice before it was all riven with tourists every hour of every day. It was a time when you could get to the pavimenti in St. Marks without too much stress, and the cruise ships had not been admitted or even imagined. Venice, so they tell me was different then.

I created WendyDesChene because growing up in a family who were artists but without an artistic bone in my body, I felt I was missing something and there needed to be a way to access it. My family seemed to see it naturally, but not me. I looked and looked but didn’t see.

The first time in the Campidoglio for example, I could tell there was something special about it. I could feel that it was important, and more importantly, I could sense it was special. What I didn’t understand was why it was special and what made it feel different. But importantly above all, I wanted to know.

The answer, according to my mother, was to approach the problem academically. Her argument went something like this…

People don’t intuit mathematics or accounting, they have to be taught the rules and how to apply them. Even artists who are blessed with amazing innate skills still have to be taught the techniques and how to apply them. How can you lead a movement to reject something if you don’t know it exists?

That’s why I started WendyDeschene.com. I quickly learned not to say, I don’t know anything about it – but I know what I like. (By the way, don’t ever say that, especially to an artist.) But as I learned, so too, can you. Understanding art is about learning to see the triggers. To understand what is the relevance of the things the artist is trying to say. WendyDeschene.com will unlock the mysteries and help give you pointers so you can interpret for yourself.

At the beginning of the 2000s, my parents decided on a momentous move. It was time to create a new life in the New World. And suddenly art was a different medium. Without the weight of two thousand years of tradition being worn as some sort of mantle, suddenly I was free to look at different art from a different perspective.

It was a homecoming of sorts. My basic geography I picked up from Jasper Johns. I was drawn to the 20th Century as a launch point not an arrival.

Visit WendyDesChene often to catch up on my musings and please join in and comment. My post will be presented for the amateur because remember, the one thing I can’t do is draw.